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Our press on set will come in a box with a free application kit 💅🏻 Every set is personalized to your nail sizings💕 Some nail sets are only made in certain nail shapes. You will be asked to choose your desired nail shape for sets that are more personalized. I offer custom length as well. If you would like to customize the length please just add it to your personalization box next to your nail size type in (Length : __cm) and just add your desired length in centimeters. Padded Gold Envelope Includes – Nail Set Box – Application Kit – Nail Glue – Nail Buffer – 4 Alcohol Wipes – Cuticle Pusher – Nail Glue Tabs – Instructions For Application [For Help Sizing] If you have no idea how to size your nail beds please message me I will send you a video link that shows you exactly how to measure. Measuring is important because it’ll make your nail set look just like acrylics! Thank You For Your Support!!💕💕 If there’s any issue with your set with sizing or anything I can issue you a full refund or send you another set

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